UT Enschede, Netherlands

AQUAQUICK 2000, when used at a Wastewater Treatment Plant, is fully biodegradable, and chlorine-free, producing no special health risks or toxic byproducts while easily removing hydrocarbons from soil.

TNO University Delft, Netherlands

This product has no long term adverse effects on ecosystems, aquatic systems, or users because AQUAQUICK 2000 is fully biodegradable, non-sensitizing, and non-corrosive to human skin or eyes.

Ministry of Health, Netherlands

AQUAQUICK 2000 complies with all Dutch food industry application regulations.

Netherlands Department of Defense, Netherlands

AQUAQUICK 2000 is not destructive to paintings or coatings and has shown itself suitable for removing hydrocarbons while making a stable emulsion.

Netherlands Water Board Districts, Netherlands

AQUAQUICK 2000 can be disposed of into sewers after removal of the separated hydrocarbons which may not be polluted with prohibited substances.


IMO Institute image AQUAQUICK2000

Directorate General for Shipping and Maritime Affairs, London UK (IMO)

AQUAQUICK 2000 and AQUAQUICK 2000 SP meet all guidelines stated in MARPOL Annex II, Tank Cleaning (MERC.2/CIRC.8), and 
ESPH Working Group.

NS Dutch Railways Utrecht, Netherlands

AQUAQUICK 2000 is a suitable universal cleaning agent for the cleaning of metals and painted surfaces with no special safety procedures required for its application. It can also be used with high pressure dispersion equipment.

American Bureau of Shipping London, UK

AQUAQUICK 2000 and AQUAQUICK 2000 SP have been granted a Certificate of Product Design Assessment for the approval for shipping.


State Supervision of Mines, Netherlands

AQUAQUICK 2000, according to Article 49B, sub paragraph 1, of the Mining Regulations of the Continental Shelf, was found to be innocuous for the marine environment.


TUV Research Institute Hannover, Germany

AQUAQUICK 2000 SP has been approved for use in Automotive and Metalworking Industries, conforming with all requirements for fast separating cleaners while meeting German regulations for dangerous substances or preparations from the environmental directive guidelines.


Dekra Umwelt Gmbh Stuttgart, Germany

AQUAQUICK 2000 SP meets standards of approval for use in oil and grease separators (Austrian Standard B 5105) with a transportation classification of non-hazardous material.


Institute of Hygiene Gelsenkirchen, Germany

AQUAQUICK 2000 is an approved detergent for cleaning oil polluted road surfaces.


State Laboratory for Material Research Dortmund, Germany

AQUAQUICK 2000 was found to in accordance with established “methods of removing oil traces from road surfaces with the exception of oil absorbents.


Chemical Laboratory Webling, Germany

AQUAQUICK 2000 is 100% biodegradable, causing no adverse effects at wastewater treatment facilities or on the equipment.


Malaysia Research

It was determined that AQUAQUICK 2000 showed to be non-toxic to aquatic environments, in accordance with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) product classification (LC50 and EC50 values of >1000mg/L). Tests showed that grease and oil contents of wastewater were reduced up to 94% in just 21 days.

Micro-Biological Lab Researcher J. Balfanz Munster, Germany

AQUAQUICK 2000 V-93 stimulates growth of bacteria and microorganisms and accelerates the breakdown of hydrocarbons in surface soil and water. Research showed an average of 90% breakdown of hydrocarbons in 35 days.


Mechem Technical & Laboratory Services Pte, Ltd., Singapore

AQUAQUICK 2000 was found to be compliant with specifications for dispersants, listed in the first schedule of the prevention of the pollution of the sea. (Regulations 1999.)

Migas Laboratories, Indonesia

AQUAQUICK 2000 can be legally and safely used to control oil spills, and clean boats on shore and offshore when diluted 1:50 with 10ml of water.



AQUAQUICK 2000 and AQUAQUICK 2000 SP were found to have no harmful effects on liquid tight floor sealants for gas stations manufactured by Simson and SABA.


Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Ontario, Canada

AQUAQUICK 2000 and AQUAQUICK 2000 SP are approved for use in industrial cleaning of food industry equipment. Their findings show there will be no resultant contamination of food. These products may be used on floors and walls in food areas when food is not being handled.


Icelandic Food Inspection Agency, Iceland

AQUAQUICK 2000 has been approved for industrial cleaning use on all food industry equipment. It was found to be non-toxic, non-corrosive, and user and environmentally friendly.

Polish Food Inspection Agency, Poland

AQUAQUICK 2000 has been approved for the industrial cleaning of food production equipment.


Deutschland Environmental Protection Group, Germany

AQUAQUICK 2000 has been found to be safe and approved for all environmental applications in Germany.



AQUAQUICK 2000 has been approved for use in all industrial and environmental applications within the regions of Thailand and Malaysia.



AQUAQUICK 2000 has been approved for use in cleaning applications in Peru.


Surface-washing Agents: an Update 2013, Spill Science, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Lists AQUAQUICK 2000 as an approved surface-washing dispersant that met all standards of testing for effectiveness, toxicity, and application.