AQUAQUICK 2000 IN Malaysia & philippines IS SOLD by Eco-logix Solutions

AQUAQUICK 2000 Distributor in Malaysia

Ecologix Solutions is an official representative of the AQUAQUICK products.
Ecologix Solutions is licenced to blend & sell the AQUAQUICK products in Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand.
Eco-Logix Solutions is approved by AQUAQUICK GLOBAL B.V.

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AQUAQUICK 2000 In Malaysia

To purchase AQUAQUICK 2000 directly in Malaysia, Philippines or Thailand you can contact our local distributor .

AQUAQUICK 2000 can be purchased in any country around the world and is the number one solution for oil spill cleanups.

For an immediate environmental friendly oil spill solution it is best to use AQUAQUICK 2000. If you encounter any oil spills in Malaysia, Philippines or Thailand you may contact Ecologix Solutions for the supply of AQUAQUICK 2000.


  • Eco-logix was set up 1995 with the focus to market & supply environment safe products and cleaning services into the Asia Pacific region.
  • Over the years since its incorporation, the company has been operating as a water treatment engineering company, a trading entity and production facility for eco products.
  • Recent inclusion of Eco-logix SApCom business has put Eco-logix group of companies and their Distributors in the fore front of the environmental engineering business worldwide.

Company Vision

To strive to be leading professional organization providing environmental management solutions and services in the industry:

  • To provide products and services of superior value and to sustain and develop consistent business relationships with our clients & distributors.
  • We are committed to continuously improving our technologies, new & innovative products, technical facilities, skills and services to better serve our valued customers.
  • To provide alternative “ total cleaning solution” and “ logical solutions to ecology”.

Business Mission

To achieve our Business Vision, we have adopted the following strategies:

  • Acquisition of advanced technologies which will allow us to manufacture products locally.
  • To achieve market positioning for our environmental products & service solutions in South East Asia, North Asia, Central Asia, Africa and Middle East (GCC) and South America markets.
  • To achieve effective and efficient cost management in providing high quality products and services.
  • To provide alternative environment safe solutions to various industries’ cleaning practices.
  • To ensure total customer satisfaction, meeting or exceeding requirements.