AQUAQUICK 2000 IN lithuania IS SOLD BY Sorb Chem

AQUAQUICK 2000 Distributor in Lithuania

UAB SORB CHEM represents a whole range of European manufacturers, which made ​​the production of jobs and the environment. UAB SORB offers a wide range of services.

Sorb Chem is licensed to sell the AQUAQUICK products in Lithuania.
Sorb Chem is approved by AQUAQUICK GLOBAL B.V.

Contact Details of Sorb Chem

Mr. Darius Vaisnora

  • Address: Titnago g. 12, LT-02300 Vilnius
  • Email:[email protected]
  • Company Phone/fax: +370 5 265 3281 
  • Alternative phone number 1. +370 690 96 265
  • Alternative phone number 2. +370 650 38 090

Sorb Chem is a non-exclusive distributor in Lithuania

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AQUAQUICK 2000 In Lithuania

To purchase AQUAQUICK 2000 directly in Lithuania you can contact our local distributor Sorb Chem.

AQUAQUICK 2000 can be purchased in any country around the world and is the number one solution for oil spill cleanups.

For an immediate environmental friendly oil spill solution it is best to use AQUAQUICK 2000. If you encounter any oil spills in Lithuania you may contact Sorb Chem for the supply of AQUAQUICK 2000.

About UAB Sorb Chem

UAB “SORB CHEM” represents a number of European manufacturers, whose products are designed for the protection of jobs and the environment, the elimination of ecological accidents

  • Installations for dewatering and softening water.
  • Devices and systems for the preparation of demineralized and deionized water.
  • Devices for laboratories and environmental protection.
  • Apparatus and systems for the production of water used for: accumulators, ironing, evaporation, preparation of cooling solutions, preparation of Euro 5 used solutions (adblue).
  • Pumps resistant to chemicals.
  • Pumps with magnetic couplings.
  • Apparatus and systems for filtering galvanic solutions.
  • Various liquid-absorbing, sorbent-absorbing materials.
  • Only means and materials for absorbing and absorbing oil products.
  • Absorbents for the absorption of aggressive, concentrated chemicals.
  • Absorbents for the assembly of ADR kits for land and water transport.
  • Measures and materials for collecting spilled liquids and keeping workplaces clean.
  • Ecological oil product detergent – splitter “AQUAQUICK2000” – for decomposition and cleaning of oil and other greasy products from various surfaces as well as from water.
  • Materials for filtration of various solutions.
  • Measures for sealing and blocking pipelines.
  • Airbags – for lifting various heavy loads.
  • Sticky mats for especially clean rooms – antibacterial, antistatic.
  • Products made of polypropylene: non-sinking – floats and other ropes, various nets.
  • Water filters, water purification systems.