Cleaning spaces in industries where oil, dirt, grease and fat are found in engines and other components are daunting and often time-consuming. However, this should not be the case. Removing stains and dirt in certain areas in such industries should not be as tough as it seems. You only need to have a powerful cleaning agent that works – a powerful, reliable AQUAQUICK 2000 cleaning agent.

Reliable Cleaning Agent That Works

Tough cleaning no more! If you are getting tired of dealing with tough cleaning and are now searching for the most effective means to clean engines and other components, then you can take advantage of AQUAQUICK 2000 cleaning agents. This does not only make tough cleaning easier and faster. This also cares for the environment and the users and provides a plethora of other advantages.

Some of our benefits

  • Are user and environment-friendly
  • Organic and Biological dispersion
  • No shelf life and is Multipurpose
  • Safe for marine life, with a minimum of 2% dilution
  • Hasten oil spill biodegradation within the environment
  • Non-corrosive Can help save energy and money
  • Can help save energy and money
  • Non-flammable

Our company wants to offer only the proven and tested cleaning method and products that will leave any surface free from dirt and stain while allowing the cleaners to save time and effort. Hazardous solvents such as alkaline and strong acid are strictly avoided to ensure that the cleaning products are safe not only for the engine parts and components but also for the environment.

Our cleaning products are specially formulated and made so it will not damage or affect equipment’s surface, coating, textiles, rubber, paint and other materials. Our products can also be used as an alternative for extensively-applied phosphate, alkaline and toxic content and other cleaning agents that can be found on the market.

In comparison to products that disperse hydrocarbons, AQUAQUICK 2000 products promote biodegradation and are an excellent solution to tank cleaning additives, ensuring that marine environment health will never be affected.

Why choose AQUAQUICK 2000 for cleaning tough stained engine parts and components?

AQUAQUICK 2000 is already trusted by many customers. Therefore, look no further if you want to clean the engine parts in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Our cleaning agents are guaranteed safe, effective and cost-efficient. Many have already benefitted from what it can offer. You can also enjoy the perks.

AQUAQUICK GLOBAL holds the rights when it comes to the manufacturing, marketing as well as the distribution of cleaning products.