Learn more about the price of AQUAQUICK 2000

What is the price of AQUAQUICK 2000

In case you do not know what the price of AQUAQUICK 2000 should be, then it might be really frustrating for you to get a clear understanding of the results and cost of our product. Many websites list different pricing for the AQUAQUICK 2000 products and other websites are only referring to a request for quotation.

As the worldwide manufacturer and only company that is able to appoint license holders and distributors of AQUAQUICK 2000 we should be able to inform you about this after all.

The AQUAQUICK 2000 product is a product that has been known since many decades. The business is till today still a family business and has moved into its third generation moving on to the fourth generation in line. As with any business over time guidelines and market approaches are changing and so AQUAQUICK GLOBAL BV is no different from that. 

Right now the pricing of AQUAQUICK 2000 is not listed available on our website. This is because in the past AQUAQUICK 2000 could only be purchased from our distributors directly in certain countries, areas or market segments. Understanding that this in general may have its ups and downs as well a lot of confusion we have looked into this issue more carefully. 

In the future AQUAQUICK GLOBAL BV will follow a new strategy and business model for the AQUAQUICK 2000 product line. This means that there will be more information about the pricing for AQUAQUICK 2000 as well as an easier process to purchase AQUAQUICK 2000 directly via us in regions that are not currently supported with a local appointed distributor.

AQUAQUICK 2000 can only be obtained via our appointed distributors (in the region that they are appointed to) and elsewhere by AQUAQUICK GLOBAL BV. There are some companies who are claiming to be a distributor of AQUAQUICK 2000 till this very day selling a product under the name and brand of AQUAQUICK 2000. Unfortunately we have encountered several times in the past that AQUAQUICK 2000 is on of the products that is being imitated by fake cheap products using the brand name of AQUAQUICK 2000 to pretend being the original product. 

Incase you find information about AQUAQUICK 2000 on the internet while not being sure whether or not the product is in fact legitim, then we simply advise you to contact us for more information. You can do this by sending us an email to [email protected] with as much information about the product and pricing as you have received.  

We are constantly scanning and searching for imitations of our product. We therefor highly appreciate it when you inform us about your findings when it comes to a false or imitated AQUAQUICK 2000 product as well as companies who claim to be the sole distributor or sole agent of AQUAQUICK 2000. 

It is not allowed to Sell AQUAQUICK 2000 or to claim to be the sole representative of AQUAQUICK 2000 in any way whatsoever. As mentioned above AQUAQUICK GLOBAL B.V is the only company world wide who owns all legal rights to the brand name and product formulas and therefor we are the only manufacturer and license holder of the AQUAQUICK 2000 product range. 

Pricing Facts of AQUAQUICK 2000

  • Distributors have had the freedom of their own pricing
  • AQUAQUICK GLOBAL is not using E-commerce (yet).
  • We are the only global manufacturers of AQUAQUICK 2000.
  • Licenses of AQUAQUICK 2000 can only be appointed by us.
  • Advise sale price of AQUAQUICK 2000 is €15.99 per liter.
  • Fake-imitating products of AQUAQUICK 2000 do exist (Warning)
  • AQUAQUICK 2000 is invented & maintained by a family business.


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And AQUAQUICK 2000 SP R2U(Ready to use)